Help Us Construct a Rocket Mass Heater!

Have you heard about Rocket Mass Heaters? Do you want to learn how to make one? There’s not much information out there about how to make them. Even with the information you have it can be daunting to dive right in and put a 3000 pound stove in into your house. So come practice on my house!
We will be constructing a bell-style RMH at the homestead of Joy and Ryan Kudasik in Fairfield, PA. This will be an intensive workshop led by one of North America’s foremost natural builders: Uncle Mud (a.k.a. Chris MeClellan). During the workshop we will construct a functional Rocket Mass Heater and you can help! 

gold seal offering free rocket mass heater book to attendees

Walk away with valuable information and the confidence to build one for yourself. A free copy of Rocket Mass Heaters by Leslie Jackson and Ianto Evans. Plus, you might make some new friends.


Rocket mass heater in a Shamen center in France. From “Rocket stoves, wood fires and mass heaters”. Visit for additional information.
Over the course of this weekend workshop you can expect to learn:
  • How to mix and apply Cob and earthen mortars from sand, clay, straw and water.
  • To lay and cut bricks for the combustion chamber and manifold.
  • To build a heat riser (with brick or steel column) and bell (barrel) installation.
  • To safely cut, crimp and securely connect stove pipe for the RMH exhaust/chimney.
  • To Install and attach stove pipe fittings for system ash clean outs.
  • How to choose and prep a site for RMHs
  • We may discuss code and regulations
  • We will pay particular attention to appropriate design, sourcing of materials and the use of recycled and natural building materials in the creation of a RMH.

Uncle Mud

Uncle Mud bio pic
Uncle Mud


You know that Uncle Mud knows what he’s doing; he was nicknamed after his craft! Uncle Mud is a leader in natural building. He uses natural materials like clay and wood and straw to build beautiful buildings. He is a passionate natural building educator. He has written articles for Mother Earth News and led many Rocket Mass workshops, including at the Mother Earth Fair.

Here’s his website and his Facebook page.

Free Copy of Rocket Mass Heater Book!

Rocket Mass Heater Book CoverWe are including a free copy of Rocket Mass Heaters by Leslie Jackson and Ianto Evans. 

That’s a $20 value!


THE manual on how to build an efficient masonry-type wood burning stove from inexpensive parts and practical skills gained from reading this book and experimentation…With clear, delightful illustrations and practical, accessible instructions, the Third Edition contains Case Studies (in full color) by ten stove builders who have been living with these stoves for several years, and have been teaching the craft. Even if you don’t plan to build one of these stoves, you will learn practical skills about human comfort, self-reliance, and heating with wood.

Likewise, we may have a few on-hand during the workshop if you miss the deadline.


Annex 6″ © Ernie and Erica Wisner
  • Tent and hammock camping is available for all participants.
  • There are hotels close by in Fairfield and Gettysburg.
  • Nutritious meals will be prepared and served onsite (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner both Saturday and Sunday). Upon request we will make a vegetarian option. Discounts available to those that help prepare, serve, and clean a meal (register using discounted price).
  • Unfortunately we do not yet have the means of having a shower; however, it is our intention to install a rainwater shower by the time of the workshop.
  • Outside compost toilet onsite
  • Want to carpool? Sign up to be a driver or passenger here
  • Supervised children are welcome to attend
  • We plan to record the workshop. We will have you sign a release for you and your children.
  • Saturday evening we will have a bonfire or,
  • Do some Gettysburg site-seeing or a ghost tour on Saturday evening.

The site

    • Cement slab


    • Existing hole in the roof for chimney exhaust


    • First 3’ of the surrounding wall is cinder block


  • Nice large window to look out of while lounging on the stove
  • Everything will be prepped so that we can get right to building the stove.

 More About Rocket Mass Heaters

rocket mass in action animated gif
© Paul Wheaton


Rocket Mass Heater (RMH) is a super-efficient wood-fired heating system composed of two parts. Part One is a rocket stove, consisting of a feed tube, burn tunnel and heat riser. The other part is the mass, through which hot exhaust gases from the rocket stove are ducted into a thermal heat storage made of masonry materials like cob, stone, urbanite or brick.  All of the heat that normally goes up the chimney with a conventional wood stove is saved and stored in a Rocket Mass Heater.  The heated mass can radiate heat for up to 48 hours after the fire goes out. A RMH is finished in cob to become a beautiful centrepiece in a home. 

Here are some videos of RMHs. These are in no particular order.

Learn how to make your own high-efficiency wood heating device for your own home!

FAQ About the Workshop

Can I pay at the event?
Yeah. Register using this site and use “check” as your payment option.
When does it begin?
8 am on Aug 25. We’ll start early. I want to make the most of our time.
When does it end?
It will end Sunday evening on Aug 26. Exact time will depend on where we are in the project, stamina, etc
What should I bring?
Bring camping gear. Water bottle. Work clothes and boots. Musical instruments for the bonfire. We’ll supply the materials, tools, food, and sun block.
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Is alcohol allowed?
Yes, but only if everybody acts as adults. It’s not a party, but in the evening there is nothing better than a cold beer after a long day’s work. Otherwise, no illegal drugs.
Can I camp on Friday night?
Yes. Just let us know.
I live close by, can I come without camping?
Of course.
Can I come for one day?
Yes. You will get more out of the workshop if you join us for the entire time, but we understand that schedules and wallets don’t always permit. Just register using “Single Day”
What’s up with the third day?
Technically the workshop is two days. However Uncle Mud will be onsite for three to help make sure we are set up before leaves. If you want to get the most out of Uncle Mud’s time then join us for the third day. There is a $75 fee. Just add the “Third Day” when you register. Meals are not covered on Monday.
What happens if I cancel?
You may cancel any time. However you will be issued a $50 cancelation fee.
Don’t see an answer to a question you have. Feel free to contact Ryan about the workshop or Uncle Mud about RMHs in general.